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Ezov 30ml

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Emotional Balance

EZOV / EMOTIONAL BALANCE is an extract produced from the flowers of Hyssop officinalis, commonly known as Hyssop. Nutramedix utilizes a proprietary extraction and enhancement process that makes this product far more effective than any other Hyssop product available.

Ezov is primarily used to help the patient resolve subconscious (suppressed) emotions that may affect his /her health.

Many health care professionals believe that there are 4 major groups of toxins that can contribute to chronic or degenerative disease- 1- microbes- parasites, bacterium, fungi and viruses, etc., 2) heavy metals- mercury, aluminum, arsenic, cadmium, etc, 3) environmental toxins- pesticides, herbicides, solvents, etc., and 4) emotions- fear, grief, anger, etc. Many doctors also believe that emotions (especially subconscious) cause the patient to more avidly hold onto heavy metals and other toxins.


Andra Ingredienser: Mineral vatten, Etanol 20-24%