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Serrapeptase 120 kap Serrapeptase 120 kap


Serrapeptase 120 kap

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A study was done to investigate the ability of serrapeptase to reduce postoperative swelling, pain and trismus after third molar surgery.  Cheek thickness and maximum interincisal distance were measured using calipers. Pain intensity was assessed clinically using a numeric scale.  There was a significant reduction in the extent of cheek swelling and pain intensity in the serrapeptase group.  Al-Khateeb, TH, "Effect of the proteolytic enzyme serrapeptase on swelling, pain and trismus after surgical extraction of mandibular third molars." Int J Oral Maxillofac Surg. 2008 Mar;37(3):264-8. doi: 10.1016/j.ijom.2007.11.011. Epub 2008 Feb 12.


Another study was done to assess the response of serratiopeptidase in patients with carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). Serratiopeptidase therapy may prove to be a useful alternative mode of conservative treatment, based on sixty-five percent of cases showing significant clinical improvement, which was supported by significant improvement in electrophysiological parameters.  Panagariya, A, "A preliminary trial of serratiopeptidase in patients with carpal tunnel syndrome." J Assoc Physicians India. 1999 Dec;47(12):1170-2.

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