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Takuna 30ml Takuna


Takuna 30ml

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Takuna 30ml

TAKUNA / MICROBIAL DEFENSE is an extract produced from the bark of Cecropia strigosa, a tree that is found throughout South America. It has recently been found to have very powerful antiviral properties as well as some other general antimicrobial properties. Practitioners using the product have found that Takuna given every hour usually resolves influenzas in just a few hours. In some cases the symptoms are resolved in as little as one hour. Practitioners also report that Takuna is effective against some bacterial infections and some fungal infections.

A 2007 study done in Ecuador showed that Takuna's ability to inhibit pain is 73.2% as effective as the nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) Feldene.  In treating inflammation, however, Feldene is only 38.3% as effective as Takuna.  This demonstrated that Takuna is a potent anti-inflammatory. Allende, S, "Determination of the possible Anti-inflammatory effect of the product named Takuna (liquid), produced by the Laboratories of NutraMedix, LLC, Florida." University of Guayaquil Faculty of Chemical Sciences, Guayaquil, Ecuador 02/22/07.


"I used it against chronic scalp lesions suspected from EBV and it definitely improved them by 80% in two weeks.  The mechanism of action is to bind with sugars in the viral envelope so I take it on an empty stomach and give it 15 minutes to work before eating anything else."-A.B.

"LOVE this product!!! I keep this on hand at all times. If you take 30-60 drops of this in water at onset of cold or flu, it will knock it out!!!! AWESOME RESULTS!!"-S.A.

"This stuff actually works. My family has used it all winter when attacked by the flu virus and remain pleased! Take it right away when the symptoms are first felt. It does wonders."-V.H.


15-30droppar i vatten. Vänta 1 minut innan du dricker upp 2 ggr per dag eller enligt rekommendation.

Acute Infections: 30 drops every hour.  
Chronic Infections: 30 drops 2-4 times daily at least 30 minutes before a meal and/or at bedtime.